One of the main attractions of the island is its beautiful environment with about 40 percent of the territory being protected.

The landscapes is full of contrasts, and especially stunning is the mountain range of the Sierra de Tramunta, with peaks that exceed fourteen hundred metres, and the Cabrera Archipelago National Maritime-Terrestrial Park, a group of islands and islets located with just over an hour from Mallorca.
The Mallorcan relief is formed by the mountain range of the Sierra de Tramuntana, on the northwest coast of the island, with the highest mountains, the Levante mountain range, with more modest heights, and other smaller hills. The Tramuntana Mountain range comprises amazing cliffs and rocky coves over the sea that contrast with the fine sand beaches of the coast. The fertile central plain is known as “El Pla”. In the west of the island and in the centre of the bay of Palma is the capital, city Palma.
On the other hand, on the east and south coast of the plain, there are some of the most spectacular fine sandy beaches and coves on the island, and possibly of the whole Mediterranean. Coves like Cala Llombards, Cala Varques or Cala Mondragó stand out from the rest.

This island has a lot to offer in all aspects, but the beauty of these landscapes make any excursion a memorable one. Most people think of Mallorca in terms of sun, beaches and partying. But that’s just the surface; if you dig, you will discover a whole new world. Undoubtedly some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean are in Mallorca, and a trip with some friends to Magaluf can be fun; but to enjoy nature, there’s nothing better than losing yourself in the island, either by public transport, on foot, by car or bicycle. Enjoying the good weather, practicing outdoor sports and getting to know the island in a different way to the usual tourist routes is an attractive option. A good plan is to explore part of rural Mallorca on foot and cross valleys, mountains and plains until reaching to the interior towns, the viewpoints of the mountain range of the Sierra de Tramuntana or the Nature Park of Mondragó.
There are numerous itineraries with rural routes and country roads.
It is also a great idea to rent a boat or sail (with or without a certificate) to contemplate the natural charm of the island from the sea and reach some of the most hidden coves.