A 35% of the total amount of the reservation is required to confirm it. This first payment is requiered when booking and it is no refundable.

The 65% left is charged seven days before the guests’ arrival.It is no refundable.

Arrival and departure times:

Please remember that the property is not available until 15:00. Therefore check in will be 15:00 onwards. If however you should arrive early, and we have prior notification, early check in may be possible, but we can’t guarantee it is. Cleaners need some time to do their job. For the same reason, check out on the day of departure is at 10:00. We thank you for your cooperation.

Booking confirmation:

Please make sure there are the correct number of guests listed to ensure enough towels, as well as any other orderable extras required, like cot or high chair. If you require a cot or a highchair, please order it in advance.


The passport numbers of all your party are required, as we must be able to give them to the police in case of being required to us.

During your stay:

Please ensure you leave the accommodation in a good and clean condition and dispose of all the rubbish. If there is a barbeque, please ensure it is left in a good condition.

Please note that failure to report issues in the property will affect your right to compensation, therefore please allow us to try to solve problems as soon as they arise.


Crime isn’t a big problem in Mallorca, but a little common sense is going to prevent you from trouble. Please take care with security and follow these useful guidelines:

Don’t leave valuables in a hire car or unattended on the beach.

Don’t leave handbags unattended.

Ensure that all doors and shutters are locked when you are out of the property.

If you are by the pool or on the rear terrace do not leave front doors or windows unlocked.

Please use the safe or take valuables with you when you go out.

Do not leave wallets, money or jewellery around the property and keep valuables locked in a safe place.

Please ensure that anyone who gains access to your villa has a genuine reason to be there.

Keep the gate closed if any.

Maid service:

Standard maid service provided includes a pre-rental cleaning and an end cleaning. Towels and linen are changed once a week on long stays. Additional cleaning or maid service can be arranged at an additional cost. Please remember beach towels are not included.


We are not in position of guarantee the availability of the service at all times, its speed, or its compatibility with your equipment or software you use. We cannot accept refunds for the loss of any internet connection or service, and we will not offer any compensation for the same. Your use of the service must not be unlawful or inappropriate and we have no responsibility for, or control over, the information you transmit or receive via the service.

Pools, gardens and general maintenance:

Swimming pools are normally checked and cleaned twice a week during the high season. It is usually done early in the morning, so you may not see the pool man. Gardens are maintained on a regular basis. We ask for your cooperation, as it is necessary to be done throughout the year.


Mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches and other insects are endemic in warm climates, particularly in rural areas. Ants are highly attracted by food crumbs, so avoiding them, you can avoid ants. Mosquitoes can be kept at bay by a good repellent purchased in chemists or supermarkets. Insects are unavoidable and out of our control. We therefore ask for your patience.

Air conditioning:

Energy saving tips:

To become more environmentally friendly with air conditioning throughout the property, please follow this tips.

Adjust the temperature setting on the remote control. Most people can be comfortable with a setting of 25ºC (78ºF). Please set the temperature as high as comfort permits. For each degree you raise the temperature setting, you reduce energy consumption by 7 percent to 10 percent. Please remember that there are a lot of people in the island using air conditioning at the same time.

Keep doors and windows closed when air conditioning is on, and remember to keep the doors to unused rooms closed.

Use curtains or blinds to keep out direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. This will keep the property cooler.

Keeps lights off when rooms are not in use. Lights generate heat that makes the air conditioner run more.

When the weather is mild, turn off the air conditioning and open the windows.

When leaving the property please remember to turn off all the air conditioning units. When you return to the property it should only take fifteen minutes to cool down a room completely.

Property capacity:

The maximum number of capacity of the property is the one advertised, and It corresponds to the number of available places in beds. We can’t accept more people in the property, as we wish all our guests to be as comfortable as possible.

Anyway, we must warn that the number of beds doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as the number of chairs in the kitchen, dining room or terraces. Also it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same than the number of seats in the living room or sun loungers in the property.


It is picked in some properties in town, but not in countryside areas. There are containers along the road or in outskirts areas. Green ones are for glass, blue ones for paper, yellow ones for packaging and the dark green ones for the rest.

Building work and noises:

We cannot foresee, anticipate or prevent noises from building work, barking dogs, noisy neighbours or similar, so we cannot accept refunds for these issues, and we will not offer any compensation for the same.

Properties rules:

Events and parties are not allowed in the property.

Noise or music must stop at midnight, according to the Spanish law.

Drugs use is not allowed.

We do not take a deposit for breakages and damage, but we may ask for a payment if something expensive was broken due to misuse.

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